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           10:00 - 12:00     Commutative Algebra Seminar
Trace Ideals, Nearly Gorenstein Rings and their Generalizations


Let $R$ be a commutative Noetherian ring and $M$ be an $R$-module. The trace of $M$, denoted by $ r_R(M)$, is defined as the sum of ideals $phi(M)$, where the sum is taken over all $R$-module homomorphisms $phi:Mlongrightarrow R$. The trace of a module have been considered in various contexts, in particular to better understand the center of the ring of endomorphisms of a module. When the canonical module $omega_R$ of $R$ exists, the significance of the trace of $omega_R$ arises from the fact that it describes the non-Gorenstein locus of $R$. The study of commutative rings lying between Gorenstein and Cohen-Macaulay rings has bee ...

           11:00 - 12:00     Theory weekly seminar (TWS)
Inertia of Intrinsic Spin



Inertia is the intrinsic tendency of matter to remain in a given condition. The state of a particle in spacetime is determined by its mass and spin, which characterize the irreducible unitary representations of the inhomogeneous Lorentz group. Therefore, the inertial attributes of a particle are determined by its mass and spin. The inertial properties of mass are well known; hence, I concentrate on the inertial properties of intrinsic spin.

Meeting Place:
Seminar Room, School of Particles and Accelerators, IPM