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           11:00 - 12:00     Journal Club: Experiment & Phenomenology meeting
Medium-enhanced cc radiation



The abstract of the paper is: Heavy Ion collision experiments produce high-energy jets that contain heavy quark pairs, such as cc ?.These pairs are sensitive probes of the quark-gluon plasma (QGP) created in these collisions. In this talk, we present a QCD calculation of the medium modification of the g to splitting function, which accounts for the suppression of high-p t hadron and jet spectra. We use the BDMPS-Z formalism to leading order in the $1/N^2$ expansion, where $N$ is the number of colors. We show that the medium modification leads to a broadening of the relative momentum and an enhancement of the yield of ...

           11:30 - 13:00     Weekly Seminar
Extreme Universe through the Eyes of MASTER Robots


The Extreme Universe is the most powerful and fastest explosions in the Universe associated with the formation and transformation of relativistic stars. For localization of gravitational-wave, neutrino and gamma-ray events, first of all, optical instruments of the 21st century are needed, which have outstanding technical characteristics: fast response, full robotization and high angular resolution. For example, the optical localization of these objects reduces the error box of neutrino, gamma and gravitational wave events by billion of times. The latest results of the MASTER Global Robotic Network of Optical Robotic Telescopes are presented ...