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    30th IPM Physics Spring Conference
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    May 17-18, 2023 (27-28 Ordibehesht 1402)

               14:00 - 15:00     Combinatorics and Computing Weekly Seminar
    The Paving Property of Strongly Rayleigh Probability Measures


    A major breakthrough in the theory of negatively dependent - i.e., repulsive - probability measures was the introduction of "strongly Rayleigh measures" by Borcea, Branden, and Liggett in 2009. These measures are defined by means of a geometric condition on the location of the zeros of their generating polynomial which amounts to their "real stability". The class of strongly Rayleigh measures is a very well-behaved and rich class of probability measures, so much so that they are considered the "main" class of negatively dependent measures.
    An important feature of negatively dependent measures is their complex dependence structure. This ...

               17:30 - 19:00     Number Theory Webinar
    Periods of 1-motives and their Polynomials Relations


    The integration of differential forms furnishes an isomorphism between the De Rham and the Hodge realizations of a 1-motive M. The coefficients of the matrix representing this isomorphism are the so-called "periods" of M. In the semi-elliptic case (i.e. the underlying extension of the 1-motive is an extension of an elliptic curve by the multiplicative group), we compute explicitly these periods. If the 1-motive M is defined over an algebraically closed field, Grothendieck's conjecture asserts that the transcendence degree of the field generated by the periods is equal to the dimension of the motivic Galois group of M. If we denote by I ...