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           14:00 - 15:00     Weekly Seminar
Investigating opinion formation using statistical physics methods


A key question concerning social collective emergent properties is whether the asymptotic state of the dynamics reflects consensus or fragmentation and polarization of the group. In this line, we are seeking to understand the mechanisms underlying some of the public divisions (polarisation) observed in society. To do this, we present a stochastic dynamics model of coupled evolution for the binary states of nodes and links in a complex network. In the context of opinion formation node states represent two possibleopinions and link states represent positive or negative relationships.Our results give support to the claim that negative interactio ...

           17:30 - 19:00     Algebraic Geometry Biweekly Webinar
On Effective Cones of Algebraic Surfaces


It is an open problem to describe the shape of the effective cone of an algebraic surface. Nagata conjecture predicts part of this shape when the surface is the blow-up of the projective plane at general points. More recently Ciliberto and Kouvidakis proved that Nagata conjecture implies that the two-dimensional effective cone of the symmetric product C_2 of a general, genus g > 9, curve C is open on one side whenever g is not a square. In this talk I will show that the effective cone of the blow-up of C_2 at a general point is non-polyhedral for a general positive genus curve C. This result generalizes previous statements of J.F. Garcia and ...