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Paper   IPM / Particles And Accelerator / 12930
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  Title:   Effects of Multipoles on Dynamic Aperture of the ILSF Storage Ring
1.  Hossein Ghasem
2.  F Saeidi
3.  E Ahmadi
4.  S Fatehi
  Status:   In Proceedings
  Proceeding: Proceeding of International Particle Accelerator Conference, 20-25 May, New Orleans, USA, (2012), p. 1632-1634
  Year:  2012
  Pages:   1632-1634
  Supported by:  IPM
Dynamic aperture of a synchrotron light source shrinks to small value due to the multipole errors caused by magnet design. In the ILSF storage ring, the tolerance of magnets has been taken into account in the simulation and sextupole magnets reoptimized to improve the dynamic aperture. This paper yields the evaluated dynamic aperture include of multipole errors

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