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           09:00 - 17:00     Workshop
5th IPM Workshop on Particle Physics Phenomenology (IWPPP5)


The aim of this workshop is to offer a review of the recent phenomenological progress in particle physics.

http://particles.ipm.ir/conferences/2020/IWPPP5/index.jsp ...

           13:30 - 15:00     Weekly Seminar (Online)
The Cosmological Optical Theorem


In the scattering amplitude program, one directly bootstraps the S-matrix by implementing analyticity, locality, and unitarity without resorting to the language of Lagrangians and introducing gauge redundancies. Recently much effort has been dedicated to developing similar methods in cosmology. The primary goal here is to discover a set of basic rules implied by locality, analyticity, and unitarity, that uniquely pinpoint consistent boundary correlation functions without invoking the time evolution in the bulk. In this work, we set forward new ideas in the arena of "cosmological bootstrap" by deriving the consequences of perturbative unitarit ...

           16:00 - 17:30     Theoretical Neuroscience Journal Club Online

The role of brain rhythms in representational enhancement of sensory information induced by working memory


Organized by: School of Cognitive Sciences
to receive the link to join online, please send email to theoretical.neurosci.ipm@gmail.com


Spatial working memory (WM) modulates alpha-beta oscillations of local field potentials (LFPs) within extrastriate visual areas. These areas receive a strong signal from the Frontal Eye Field (FEF) carrying the content of WM. In order to examine the necessity of FEF in driving these WM-induced oscillatory changes, we pharmacologically inactivated FEF and simultaneously recorded the spiking activity and LFPs in the V4 cortex of macaque monkeys during a ...