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           11:00 - 12:00     Journal Club: Experiment & Phenomenology-skyroom
Future Circular Collider succeeding the LHC


Based on
Nature Physics; 16 (2020) 402-407

Abstract: Particle physics has arrived at an important moment of its history. The discovery of the Higgs boson has completed the Standard Model, the core theory behind the known set of elementary particles and fundamental interactions. However, the Standard Model leaves important questions unanswered, such as the nature of dark matter, the origin of the matterantimatter asymmetry in the Universe, and the existence and hierarchy of neutrino masses. To address these questions and the origin of the newly discovered Higgs ...

           14:00 - 15:00     Lecture
Fine-Structure Classification of Multiqubit Entanglement by Algebraic Geometry


In this talk, we present a novel entanglement classification of ?generic? n-qubit pure states under stochastic local operation and classical communication (SLOCC) that is based on a finite number of families and subfamilies, i.e., a fine-structure classification. To this end, we employ algebraic-geometry tools that are SLOCC invariants. Particularly, the families and subfamilies will be identified by k-secant varieties and ℓ-multilinear ranks, respectively. Not only does this method facilitate the classification of multipartite entanglement, but it also turns out to be operationally meaningful as it quantifies entanglement as a resource ...